Repairs & Retipping

Phono cartridges are mechanical instruments and are subject to wear and ageing.

Many cartridges coming in to our laboratory for repair and upgrade services are in a very poor state of health. It is false economy to spend valuable listening time using a poorly performing cartridge that may be chewing up your irreplaceable record collection. Diamond wear, suspension fatigue, hardening or softening of vital compliance control components, can all significantly affect the performance of your cartridge.

It is not always easy to identify problems that you have learned to live with, but the causes are obvious to our expert eyes and ears and can usually be quickly remedied.

We will replace a worn diamond or perform a full upgrade with an appropriate selection from our range of advanced stylus profiles; the choice is yours.

There comes a time when total replacement is the obvious answer and we invite music lovers to review the Garrott range of new cartridges as a replacement and upgrade for your present system.

Please see the brochure below for more details and prices of the services we offer.

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