P77i Cartridge


In order to understand how the Garrott P-77 gives such unique sound quality you need to know something of its special design features. Until now, it has been generally considered impossible to harmoniously combine the best features of the 3 major types of stereo cartridge design - that is, moving magnet (MM), moving coil (MC), and variable reluctance (Decca type). The Garrott P-77 has achieved the impossible!

  • Specially designed critical acoustic damping to control unwanted resonances thereby giving a warmth and musicality of sound not previously possible.
  • A suspension of unusual accuracy, to extract groove signals with utmost fidelity.
  • Special "low Q" dual-tube alloy cantilever of great rigidity to minimise transmission losses.
  • Custom designed Garrott MicroScanner II GEM QUALITY, GRAIN-ORIENTED PARABOLIC DIAMOND STYLUS for super-accurate groove tracing and treble control, with the bonus of unusually low surface noise (excellent signal to noise ratio).
  • Special magnetic circuit to give unusually delicate positional information and "sound stage" and exceptional channel separation.
  • High-output coils to eliminate need for costly, sound degrading step-up devices.
  • Individual fine-tuning under Garrott microscopes to give the mid-range sound projection so far found only in the Decca variable magnetic reluctance design

As a result of all the above new design features, the Garrott P-77 gives you a beautiful of - the dynamics of moving coil cartridges, without the typical MC brittle treble and "listening fatique" the smooth, easy-listening sound for which the best MM cartridges are noted the realistic, clear mid-range for which Decca cartridges are renowned, but without the lack of warmth encountered with that design.

We are pleased to be able at last to offer lovers of quality analogue sound reproduction a range of inexpensive and easy to live with cartridges that will reveal hitherto unrealised performance from your carefully preserved record collection. Previously this level of performance has only been approached by the most expensive moving coil cartridges. We are confident that you will be delighted with your purchase.


DIAMOND STYLUS Garrott MicroScanner II
CHANNEL SEPARATION 25dB (typical) at 1KHz
COMPLIANCE VERT/LAT 18 x 10-6 cm/dyne
OUTPUT VOLTAGE 4mV at 3.54cm/s
TRACKING FORCE 1.8 Grams +/- 0.1